How it started

In 2019, I started looking for a remote job. Like anyone looking for a job at that time, I started with the traditional job boards. The results were mainly filled with scams, MLMs, and “investment opportunities” - I was shocked that these reputable boards were willing to place obvious attempts to rip job seekers off on their sites.

The twist

My initial reaction was that companies just weren’t hiring remote job seekers. There were a few companies that I had targeted in my search, so I went directly to the careers section of their website to see what was available. Surprise! They had openings that were exact matches for what I had just searched for on the traditional job boards. That’s when I realized they just weren’t built for remote job searchers.

Why are traditional job boards like this?

Job boards earn the vast majority of their revenue through selling ads. They employ huge ad sales teams who all carry a quota. If they don’t hit their quota, they get fired. This creates an imbalance, as the primary function of job boards is to sell ads, not to create a safe searching experience for job seekers. Scammers exploit this as they know sales teams are willing to trade ad revenue for dangerous job listings.

The NoCommute origin story

Frustrated with the limitations of traditional job boards, I adopted a daily routine of monitoring my target companies' career websites and cataloging their remote job opportunities. As I expanded my list of checked companies, I witnessed a significant surge in the number of remote job listings. Not only did I discover numerous positions in my field, but also in various other industries. Convinced that others shared my frustration with conventional job boards, I made the decision to share my findings by publishing a daily list of freshly posted remote job opportunities.

Other job boards are free. Why does NoCommute charge job seekers?

As previously mentioned, other job boards depend on advertising revenue. This makes advertisers the primary audience they serve, not job seekers. 

We’re not interested in pleasing advertisers. We’re interested in helping remote job seekers find a remote job. 

We meticulously vet every employer before featuring their job listings on our platform. This ensures that you only encounter real remote job opportunities from real companies. Unlike other job boards, we have no incentive to include scams, MLMs, or dubious "investment opportunities." In fact, our motivation lies in safeguarding your job search experience, setting us apart and garnering support from many who choose to subscribe to our Premium service.

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