The nature of work has changed

In March 2020, thousands of employees were sent from the office to work from home. As a result, many employers realized that their preconceived notions about remote work weren’t true. Productivity didn’t drop and employees loved the benefits. As a result, permanent remote work policies have become widespread, with many becoming remote-first companies, or even remote-only.

Why we started NoCommute

Traditional job boards are great for location-based searches. However, they struggle to correctly identify and serve job seekers remote jobs in their search results. This leads many job seekers to look for alternative methods to find a remote job, which are typically filled with spam and scams.

How NoCommute works

We personally review the job listings of thousands of companies to identify real remote jobs at real companies. Companies that require an investment to get started and scams are never included in the openings we deliver to subscribers. Because time is of the essence, we notify our subscribers of new openings so the can be the first to apply.

What you can expect

We’ll deliver remote job openings that have been posted for less than 24 hours to your inbox five times a week. They’ll cover a range of companies, backgrounds, and skill sets, so you can find the right job for you. With NoCommute, there’s no need to visit job board after job board to find irrelevant jobs. Instead, NoCommute will serve as your personal recruiter to find you the remote job of your dreams.

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